•Lawn and garden equipment

•Anything with an SM engine

•Folklift and Bobcat




Diagnosis: $50

Repair/Labor: $85/hr

*If you choose to have us repair the equipment after diagnosis, the $50 diagnosis fee will be counted toward repair costs.

$35 Services (Inlcudes all):

Engine oil change: $15.95

Air filter $15.95

Sparkplug $10.95

$15 Services:

Pump oil change ($15.95)


Repair Policy:

Repairs are performed on a first-come, first-served basis at our regular hourly rate plus parts at the regular store price. Most repairs are complete within 7 days of authorization unless non-stock parts are needed to complete the repair and will need to be ordered. I agree to pick-up and pay in full for all repairs within 15 days of completion of this work. After 15 days there is a storage fee of $30.00 and will be considered abandoned after 60 days. After the 60 day mark, I authorize Full ownership of this equipment to Sun Brite Supply.